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Rudy Sans

Rudy Sans was born and raised in a northern suburb of Paris, France. When Rudy was twelve, he and his family welcomed the opportunity to immigrate to Canada. Despite being overwhelmed with starting a new life, Rudy’s primary focus remained on assimilating to his new country.

Generally competitive in nature from playing years of soccer and rugby, Rudy has always enjoyed interacting and working with the general public. From starting in retail to currently working as a BC Public Servant in the Judicial Branch, Rudy and his wife have been very proud to call Prince George their home for the past eight years.

Whenever possible, Rudy and his wife enjoy travelling to new locations around the world, discovering new cultures and dining experiences. At home, Rudy really enjoys going fishing, learning how to hunt, and watching his wife spend time in their organic garden.

Year after year, Rudy has been and continues to be, deeply concerned with the heartbreaking and never ending struggle that a large majority of Canadians experience daily. Witnessing people trying to preserve a basic standard of living combined with the inability to grow wealth, has impacted him greatly. Driven by an intense interest in analyzing Canada’s problems, alongside the impact of global uncertainty and instability, Rudy has educated himself over the last fifteen years in critical thinking and geopolitics, to better grasp the root cause of the important issues impacting our country.

Now forty-six years old, Rudy is thrilled to be able to represent the People’s Party of Canada, whose goal is to empower all Canadian citizens by putting them above any private interests or globalist agendas. Rudy is outraged to see our country being destroyed while career politicians refuse to rise up and protect its sovereignty and our citizens’ rights and freedoms.

It’s time to let Canadians live their lives prosperous and free!

Dave Watson

My name is Dave Watson and I welcome you to our circle of friends who believe that freedom of expression is essential in any well functioning society. It is this function of free choice that allows the diverse tapestry of thought and culture to develop without bounds— that is to say, without dictates from government and their funded media. Without a sort of “prescribed” thinking by state officials. This is but one important issue for which we stand together and for which I am pleased to introduce myself here.

Everyone’s story is, as they say, a long and winding road, yet there was always a theme running through my life: Moving and Changing. Those two forces were the wings that flew me through snowstorms and whirlwinds as I met with people too numerous to count.

My early memories began in Vancouver, BC and its surrounding areas. As a child I did everything from paper routes to working at the Pacific Coliseum during hockey games and concerts and doing all kinds of labour from helping in restaurants to factory jobs where I met my wife, Sandra. It was at a Steveston fish cannery in Richmond where we met back in 1977.

As time moved along to the pulse of Pink Floyd’s Time and Dark Side of the Moon, that musical backdrop of the 70’s turned into the 80’s when I had become seriously entrenched in the financial services industry and worked my way up to a senior position as Branch Manager, eventually moving from Prince George, where I had moved with my family, to Regina, Saskatchewan— a wonderful detour in a career that provided worlds of interesting sights and sounds that took the track of Pink Floyd’s Time, to the 90’s sound of OMC’s Bizzare. As the music played: Destination unknown, Thoughts of those times provide smiles from the past… From Regina we ended up in Redcliffe, Alberta.

This, was at a time when the Internet was really taking off, and the whole world was turning on its head— Financial Services Industry included. It brought me to a turning point that truly was bizarre. Increasingly interested in Computer Networking and Administration, I entered that field as well as the CAF Reserves. The opportunity to help young people get a footing in team and leadership skills enhanced my wellbeing, since I could actively work in that realm but also with my own children at the same time. I became a Biathalon Coach which brought yet again another interesting dimension to our world as a family and our team as a whole.

Along the way, there were subsequent moves, with us living in Bowden, Alberta for many years and appreciating the town and its good people as I worked as a Network Administrator for a power company there. Much to say on many fronts, but eventually we landed in Bear Lake, BC, seeking more grassroots traditional skills and a lifestyle built working literally with dirt. Growing cucumbers and tomatoes and other goods, we’ve been bare-handing it. And learning what we never did in the big city of Vancouver. Being a Captain & a Manager is good, but I truly love to build and grow things. Greenhouses, produce, and minds. With that, we are all truly free.

Maxime Bernier
Maxime Bernier